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If you drive or own a car, you may find these sites interesting or helpful:


The Best Way to Budget Motoring. Back in 1993 the book Bangernomics alerted the world to an alternative way of motoring and due to public demand it is back.

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Business Car Manager

Business Car Manager is a B2B website for micro and small businesses (SMBs). Its aim is to provide expert information about the issues associated with running a car or van fleet.

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Thanks to the sensational new Bumperguard you can now open your boot without getting a cleaning bill.

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Car Pages

Welcome to carpages.co.uk - the UK Motoring Search Engine and Portal covering all aspects of British motoring life.

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With DriverPlan you can insure against alternative travel costs if you lose your driving licence - and not just for speeding offences.

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Reliability Index

Based on data gathered from millions of pounds worth of claims handled by Warranty Direct every year, the Reliability Index brings you the most comprehensive overview of cars on the road today.

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Get More for Your Car: Do you need a quick and easy way to sell your car?

Your garage may have valued your car, but the offer was too low. You may not have the time to advertise it. You may not like the thought of strangers coming to your door. Get more 4 your car is for people who need to sell their car and want the best price for it.

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UK Car Search

UK car classified search tool with free advertising.

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Used Car Checks

Give the car you want to buy or sell an independent inspection by an engineer in a garage workshop and always using a ramp for just £99 whatever the car and whatever its age. This flat fee also includes a 45 day warranty which covers the major components of the car.

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We search a panel of more than 20 leading car insurance providers to find the best car insurance policy for you.

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Used Car Expert

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"Even the experts need advice and I would be lost without Used Car Expert. It is my only accurate source of what's really happening in the motor trade."
Mike Brewer, TV car expert from ITV's Pulling Power.

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Angela Garden

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