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Van History Checks- the truth...

What is a data check?

Van history checks or data checks are often referred to as 'HPI checks' because HPI were the first supplier of van history checks. A van history check, or data check pulls together information from the DVLA, Police and insurance databases. In recent years, partly because of internet technology, the number of companies offering data checks has significantly increased. There are very slight differences between the checks, but they are largely based on the same data and provide similar levels of cover.

If you're thinking of getting a data check, then you might want to start with a free van identity check. Then you can get a full data check for only £4.95. It's not free, but it could save you hundreds or thousands of pounds in the long run.

HPI Check

Or call 08444 821 956
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 7pm Sat 10am - 4pm

Why do I need a van history or van data check?

A data check helps you to avoid the loss associated with buying a vehicle that may be:

  • Stolen (Police Interest)
  • Write off / Total Insurance Loss (Recorded Accident Damage)
  • Scrapped by the DVLA
  • Subject to outstanding finance*

Van history checks online

Van history checks by telephone

  • Used Van Expert (via sister site Used Car Expert) £9.95 (just call 08444 821 956)
  • HPI £24.99
  • AA £24.99
Key Checks
Used Van Expert check this?
Listed as an insurance write-off
Registered with Police as stolen
Correct mileage**
Number plate changes
DVLA data match
VIN and VRM match
Investigation support (via telephone with real humans!)
Outstanding finance
No - see below*

*Why don't Used Van Expert check for outstanding finance?

Provided you get a receipt from the van seller, whether they are a dealer or private individual, there is no reason to lose your van as a result of someone else's outstanding finance.

The Consumer Credit Act 1974 gives ‘good title’ to the innocent private purchaser of a van which later turns out to be subject to a claim by a finance company because of a previous, unpaid hire-purchase agreement. This means that the finance company is not entitled to repossess the van from you.

A dealer is obliged under Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to check that a van is not subject to a finance agreement before they sell it (unless they describe it in the advert as having outstanding finance).

Used Van Expert standard (online only) van history check provides all this for just £4.95:

  • Stolen (Police and Insurers) Check
  • Total Insurance Loss (Write-off) Category
  • VIN (Chassis Number) Check
  • 14 fields of vehicle information from the DVLA
  • Mileage Check (at additional cost) **
  • £5,000 Guarantee***

HPI Check

Gold checks, (online or telephone) includes all information provided by the online check plus, all this for just £9.95:

  • Printed certificate posted 1st Class
  • Mileage Check included at no cost**
  • VIP (Vehicle Information Pack)
  • £10,000 Guarantee***

HPI Check

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**Mileage Check and Car Valuation Search subject to availability. Some vehicles may not have information available. *** Subject to terms & conditions. Check provided by CDL Vehicle Information Services Limited T/A mycarcheck.com
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