Used van guides tell you what to check for on an Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006) and over 350 models of other vans

Before you buy a Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006) there are 18 common faults or wear items that you should check for. Our research amongst the experts that work on the Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006) everyday, has identified:

- 1 area(s) on the bodywork to inspect
- 5 engine check(s) to make
- 2 wear item(s) to spot on the suspension
- 1 interior item(s) that you need to ensure work
- 9 official recall(s) that should have been completed

Which is a total of 18 common faults or problems to look out for and avoid!

Our three-stage process makes it easy (even if you know nothing about vans) to spot potential problems on a Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006).

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Here is what you will find in a Used Van Expert guide about a Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006):

  • What to look for and check on a Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006)
  • The technical problems that the Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006) is known to suffer from (and the tell-tale signs)
  • The minor faults that you can cheaply fix - but get a discount for when buying
  • The faults that will cost a fortune to fix - that you should avoid!
  • Recalls and technical changes since the Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006) was manufactured
  • The Fiat documentation you need to see
  • What to do if you find a fault (there are often several streetwise options)

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Also, additional information includes:

  • How to negotiate a great discount
  • The Ducato (1994 - 2006) specifications that will ensure your van holds its value
  • The specifications that you can buy cheaply
  • How to spot a Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006) that might be stolen or tampered with
  • How to sell your current van for maximum money with minimum pain

The guide covers all the Fiat Ducato (1994 - 2006) major variations, including the different specifications, engine sizes and body shapes (including saloons, hatchbacks, estates and coupes if relevant).

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